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This picture is a sample from a previous season, and the style and colour will vary for each competition season.

This page is for paper certificate ordering, to download your e-certificates please visit the competition results page.

The printed certificates are laminated to prevent damage or folding during shipping.

Medals/Certificates order deadline: 8th March. 2023

  • Certificates/Medals will be sent out within 1 month after the order deadline.

  • New Feature: If you are a special prize winner, you can also select and order additionally for the special prize. Special Prize Winner will be displayed on the special prize medal. 

  • Please fill in the correct address with English letters only. There will be a redelivery postage charge if the parcel is returned due to an incorrect address.

  • Each order form submission is for 1 copy of the certificate/medal. 

  • Absolute First, First, Second, and Third Prize Winners' Teachers are eligible for the excellent teachers award e-certificate. Please click here to fill in your teacher's name.

  • Please fill in the teacher's name in the 'Full Name'  field if ordering a medal/certificate for the teacher award.

Medal/Certificates Order Form
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teacher award
Teacher Award Form

Thanks! We have received your request. Teacher e-certificates will be sent to the email address in 2 weeks' time.

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