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  • All contestants will receive e-certificates.

  • Teachers will receive teachers' e-certificates.

  • In each category, candidates who receive 97-100 points will become Master Prize Winners; 91-96 points will become Absolute First Prize Winners, 85-90 points will become First Prize Winners, 80-84 points will become the Second Prize Winners. Below 80 points will only receive the e-certificate of participation. There can be more than one Winner in each tier.

  • Master Prize, Absolute First Prize, First Prize, Second Prize Winners' Teachers will receive excellent teachers award e-diploma and can be featured on the WOMCO Honourable League of Global Exceptional Music Teachers.

  • Master Prize Winners' Posters will be featured on website banner until the next season.

  • Top Prize Winners' (Master, Absolute First and First Prize) photos will be featured in the competition news post on the World Online Music Competitions Organization website.

  • The achievements of the winners will be included in the current year's WOMCO World Music Competitions Multi-Award Achievement.

  • Master Prize, Absolute First Prize and First Prize winners will receive personalised digital posters displaying their achievements. These posters will also be published on the Winners Page of the UK International Music Competition website.

  • Top Prize-winning posters may be posted on our Facebook & Instagram.

  • Special Prizes may be conferred upon participants in recognition of exemplary technique, superior musicianship, expressive rendition, or other notable attributes as demonstrated in their performance or composition.

  • All prize winners can request and order award CD, paper certificates and medals at an additional cost, after the publication of the results.

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