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Q: Do I need to show my hand in the video?

A: For instrumentalists, the hands and face of the performer must be visible in the video; For singers, the face of the performer must be visible; This requirement does not apply to composers.

Q: Can I use Audio background for accompaniment if I can't find an accompanist? 

A:​ Yes, you can use the audio background music for accompaniment.

Q: Can I use the same piece/video for multiple categories?

A: Yes. As long as the chosen piece meets the requirement of the categories.

Q: Can I have several pieces in one link? Can there be a gap between the pieces?

You can send only one link to your performance, it can include several pieces, pauses are allowed. This means if you are willing to submit a few small pieces, you can combine them into a longer video.

Q: Can I play more instruments in one video?

A: You can only play one musical instrument for each application. An additional musical instrument will need to be submitted as another application.

Q: If I am a composer, can I submit my piece performed by other performers?

A: Yes.

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